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Uma triste notícia para os fãs de Anne With an E, série da Netflix que está em sua 2ª temporada. Aclamado pelo público, o seriado não ganhará uma continuação após o lançamento de sua terceira temporada, cujo cartaz foi divulgado hoje. O retorno está marcado para o dia 3 de janeiro de 2020.

O público não foi o único entristecido pelo cancelamento da série. Amybeth McNulty, intérpete de Anne, usou sua conta no Instagram para se despedir da personagem. No seriado, Anne é uma jovem orfã que está sempre de bom humor. Otimista como ninguém, passou por lares abusivos e procurou sempre manter um sorriso no rosto. A terceira temporada promete lidar com temas como identidade, feminismo, bullying e muitos outros.


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Dear Anne, I don’t think I was ever going to be ready to say goodbye, but as the saying goes – everything must come to an end. Thank you for teaching me, growing up with me and loving me. I have taken so many part of who you are into my life. – Anne has taught me how to be brave, how to be strong, how to love unapologetically and how to approach so many different obstacles in life. She is so much more than words on paper. She really is a part of who I am now, and I will carry her with me forever. I cant deny that I’m heartbroken, but more than that I am grateful. Such a large part of my childhood is documented, and what an experience to document. – – To the cast and crew, my second family. You put every part of your heart and soul into this project, and I promise you it does not go unnoticed. Every single one of you has helped shape me into the woman I am today, I can only hope I’ve made you proud in some way. You are all such remarkable people and I will never be able to thank you enough. Please stay in touch. – And to you, the viewers. The ones who have supported us these last few years. I can say this now, but on those tough, cold and stressful days just seeing what an effect this show has on you or how it made your day really pushed me through. I can say truthfully that those rough days were more than worth it, for you. – I will miss this show with all of my heart, and I will never forget this journey. My childhood was a good one, thanks to all of you. – In the wise words of @moirawalleybeckett “I am so sad to see you go, and yet so happy that I know you.” With all my love, Amybeth. – Enjoy the finale! Coming January 3rd, on Netflix.

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Anne with an E estreará sua 3ª temporada na Netflix no dia 3 de janeiro de 2020.